Athena DICOM Viewer
Features and Recommended Hardware

About Hardware

Minimum hardware requirements

64-bit processor

DirectX 10

4 GB of RAM memory

Windows 10 (64-bits)

Recommended hardware

64-bit processor (Intel i5 or higher)

DirectX 10 (or higher)

8 GB of RAM memory (or higher)

Windows 10 (64-bits)

Touch-enabled display



Patient Organizer and General Features

  • Import from Local
    CD, DVD, USB drive, local disk and Cloud drives (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox)
  • Export to Local
    CD, DVD, USB drive, local disk and Cloud drives (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox)
  • Quick Local Search
  • Advanced Search (by combinations of Name, ID, Access Number, Study Description,  Modalities, pre-defined Dates, personalized Dates)
  • Export images to DICOM or JPEG
  • Search and visualization of DICOM tags (DICOM header)
  • Edition and automatic anonymization of exams (DICOM header)
  • Merge studies and patients (with distinct IDs)
  • ZIP files support
  • Import files/folder through Drag and Drop
  • Export to CD/DVD with an embedded Web Viewer – Athena Portable by ‘Cornerstone’
  • Restricted Mode (View Only)
  • DICOMization of any file (images, PDF, DOC)
  • Automatic study removal
  • Backup recovery
  • Order by Name, Date, Import Date or Last Visualization Date
  • Modality filter
  • Patient Information option
  • Star mark to Favorites
  • Notification mark of New studies
  • Tooltip panel for fast checking exams Summary
  • Quick Access of the last viewed exams
  • Responsive visualization mode (compact/full menu mode)
  • Surface Dial Support
  • Semantic zoom
  • Listening Folder (Automatic importation)
  • Viewed checkbox
  • Multi-languages support
  • Voice Commands to Download/Open Patient or Study

DICOM/Network Protocol

  • Multiple PACS servers configuration
  • Advanced PACS search (by combination of Name, ID, Access Number, Study Description,  Modalities, pre-defined dates, personalized dates)
  • Synchronization/Update of existing patients (exams performed in different dates)
  • DICOM Query/Retrieve
    DICOMweb/DICOM HTTP (faster download)
  • WADO
    QIDO-RS (PACS/RIS Integration)
    WADO-RS (PACS/RIS Integration)
  • DICOM Send
  • Automatic Download from PACS
  • Idle Mode (CStore from PACS/CR/etc)
  • DICOM Print
  • QIDO protocol support (query http)
  • API Integration for RIS and PACS
    Simple, robust and fast integration using URI;
    Supported protocols – C-FIND/C-MOVE/QIDO-RS/WADO-RS/WADO;
    Import from local
  • HTTPS support and HTTP Authentication
  • TLS and SSL encryption support
  • DICOMized PDF and DICOM SR supportAthena Cloud support (*)


  • Original Acquisition Visualization (raw DICOM images without post-processing)
  • Multi-Series Visualization (Original/MPR and different modalities presented simultaneously)
  • MPR (Multiplanar Reconstruction)
  • 3D Mode
    Volumetric Reconstruction
    X-Ray Reconstruction
    MIP Reconstruction
    Isosurface Reconstruction
  • 3D Volume Crop (Crop)
  • Color Palettes for 2D and 3D mode (CLUT)
  • Non-Orthogonal MPR
  • Mosaic Mode (multi-visualization of custom slices)
  • Reference Lines synchronization for multi-series
  • References Lines synchronization for Original and MPR views
  • Multi-frame and Colored DICOM images support
  • Reference Lines configuration
  • Microsoft Windows INK
  • Mouse button customization (right, middle, left)
  • Workspace automatic saving (restores the workspace as it was in the last use)
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Clean Screen mode (clear unpolluted screen mode)
  • Drag and Drop Series
  • Key Images (new series creation)
  • Mammography render protocol


  • Scroll, Zoom, Move, Windowing, Rotate
  • Predefined and customized windowing
  • POI (Point of Interest) – POIs synchronization between series
  • MIP, AIP, MinIP (Maximum, Average and Minimum Intensity Projection)
  • Rotate MPR
  • Cine (play/pause)
  • Undo, Redo and Reset
  • Custom Magnifying Glass
  • Key Image DICOMization (CStore)
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Shortcuts
  • Advanced Configurations (zoom interpolation algorithm, annotation colors, number of samples for volume interpolation, etc




  • Point (Value)
  • Arrow
  • Line (Ruler)
  • Rectangle
  • Ellipse
  • Polygon
  • Free Hand Drawing
  • Text Area
  • Angular Measurements
    Simple Angle
    Between Connected Lines
    Between Parallel Lines
  • POI – Point of Interest (with Hounsfield value)
  • ROI – Region of Interest (with Average Hounsfield value) Area/Perimeter/Minimum/Maximum/Average/Standard Deviation values) 
  • Manual Calibration
  • Spine Labeling
  • Annotations at 3D View
  • Custom Colors


  • Report Header with editable values
  • Add Annotation Images
  • Voice Recording Integrated System
  • Word Report (Doc)
  • Word Report Templates (Multiple)
  • Word Report DICOMization (CStore)
  • Word Template choose option
  • Image matrix definition (lines x columns) for each page
  • Radiological Exams Print Layout (Default or PDF Printer)
  • Radiological Report Templates using RTF Files (PACS/RIS Integration)

Competitive Advantages

  • Viewing and Reference Lines between Multi-Series (Original/MPR)
  • DICOMweb/DICOM HTTP Support and Compatibility
  • Complete API Integration for RIS and PACS
  • TLS and SSL encryption support (the only viewer with simultaneous encryption for both protocols)
  • MHKB – Medical Harbour Knowledge Base – DICOM library with hundreds of studies from different modalities and specialties
  • Export to CD/DVD with an embedded Web Viewer – Athena Portable by ‘Cornerstone’
  • Word Report Templates (Multiple)
  • Word Report DICOMization (CStore)
  • QIDO protocol support (query http)
  • Restricted  Mode (View Only)
  • Amazing UX – Simple, user-friendly and very intuitive
  • Clean Interface – access resources with few clicks
  • Fast, stable, reliable – developed focusing High-Production and performance
  • One click installation
  • Automatic and continuous updates
  • Proprietary Technology – all our technology is developed on site, we keep absolute control over all our code!