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Athena DICOM Viewer Features

Productivity and High performance

Fast and reliable, enabling access to functions with few clicks and Custom shortcuts for mouse and keyboard, ZIP file/folder support, Drag and drop support and Copy to clipboard.

Advanced visualization

Original view, MPR, Mosaic, oblique MPR and multi-series reference lines (Original/MPR)

Advanced features

Advanced resources such as MIP, MinIP, Key Images, Color palettes, Preset and custom windowing.

Volumetric reconstruction

3D (Volume, MIP, X-Ray, Isosurface) with advanced resources such as windowing, cropping and color palettes

Annotation tools

Annotation tools including Ruler, Angle, Free-hand, ROI and POI (Hounsfield) and Windows Ink.

Voice commands

Voice commands to Study manipulation (view, retrieve), Voice recording and Speech recognition

Speed and security

Support to JPEG2000, Super fast and secure DICOM / WADO transfer using TLS e SSL encryption.


Athena Report has a lot of tools such as Spellcheking, Annotation Images, RTF files support, Voice Recording and Speech recognition (dictation). You can also use an ordinary Word Report (DOC) with multiple and custom Template and DICOMization.


Simple and fast interface with any PACS/RIS through URI using DICOM, Wado or QIDO protocol . You can also have an Automatic Download from PACS, Idle Mode or use a DICOM Print.
Simple and intuitive interface focused on productivity

Patient list

Patient list with quick and intuitive access, study details and monitoring of downloads and uploads

Series screen

One-click access to multiple studies

Mammography Magnification

See the images in details with the zoom level of your preference

MIP and MinIP

Find hiperdense or hipodense structures in a study, using selecting the desired area for a better diagnosis

Multiple series visualization

View multiple series simultaneously, be they original, MPR or 3D. Synchronize views with reference lines and view all at the same time applying manipulations independently, as you wish.


View images in orthogonal plane reconstruction, oblique or 3D volume.

Integration with any protocol

Athena DICOM Viewer ia a revolutionary medical imaging software, an evolution of DICOM Viewers. Developed for high productivity, Athena incorporates several useful features, shortcuts and tools to provide accurate diagnosis and increased productivity.
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What our users are saying

“Best tool for DICOM viewing.” Nikolalos


An easy way to show DCM files on Windows 10.Casey

United States

“A very easy to use, modern and efficient DICOM Viewer muito pratico de usar!! A product like this was missing in the market.” Ricardo


Athena DICOM Viewer Pricing

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Athena DICOM Viewer FAQ and Video Tutorials

Is Athena DICOM Viewer free?
Athena DICOM Viewer has a free trial period for one month, after which the advanced features are disabled.
Does Athena DICOM Viewer support MPR and oblique MPR?
Yes, with Athena you can view the original images and multiplanar reconstruction ir orthogonal planes or any orientation you wish.
Can I use it in my clinic or hospital?
Yes, Athena allows you to configure multiple PACS servers, so that you can use it from home, in the clinic or in the hospital using different PACS settings.
Is it possible to integrate to my PACS system?
Yes, we have a simple and intuitive API, which is available for integration with virtually any technology (which supports linking to an URI). The image transfer may be performed using the standard DICOM, HTTP (WADO) or QIDO-RS protocols.
How much does Athena DICOM Viewer cost?

You can choose the price plan that is the most adequate for you, monthly, yearly or lifetime.
Check the prices above to find the most convenient option for you.

Download the Athena Catalog and User Guide

Athena DICOM Viewer Catalog

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Athena DICOM Viewer User Guide

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