DICOMization makes it possible for files of multiple types, such as PDF, DOCs and Videos, to utilize the DICOM encapsulation standard so that they can be included in PACS servers. 

DICOMization is one of the tools developed and present in all versions of Athena, to make the user’s life more practical and their routine, more productive. 

One of the biggest advantages of using this tool is to easily access files in PDF, DOC, JPEG, PNG images, scanned reports, videos, among other files related to the patients of interest and transform them to the DICOM standard.

To exemplify, imagine that you are working on a study, but you need to access a medical record or report and that document is in PDF. Through DICOMization it’s possible to access it, opening a range of possibilities for its users. 

DICOMization applied to other areas

Applying this tool to different areas of the medical field, it is possible to add didactic explanations, scientific articles and other types of files for the elaboration of surgical plans. With scientific validations, it is possible to combine images with corroborative texts.

The main function of DICOMization is, therefore, the opportunity to attach external and relevant documents to the exam or study, keeping them together and filed on a PACS server. So it’s possible to access the file easily, from any DICOM Viewer linked to PACS, in a practical and easy way.  

The DICOMization tool goes further and can also be used for the creation and development of classes. 

Athena Hub, for example, combines the traditional way of conducting a class through slides, texts and other means of accessing information, with DICOM imaging, streamlining the class and creating vivid experiences for the student and teacher. 

The possibilities for using DICOMization are immense and customizable according to the needs of each professional or institution. 

 Finally, it is possible to export any result obtained to a PACS server, allowing other people to have access to this content.

In cases where it is necessary to export the manipulated DICOM imaging to other formats, it is possible to do so by creating a key image with the changes made and then exporting them to the JPEG format. 

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How to convert JPEG to DICOM using DICOMization:

 In our DICOM Viewer and Athena Hub, the DICOMization of images takes place in an uncomplicated way, meeting our aim of delivering user-friendly and intuitive software, for greater productivity and quality of life. 

To do this, simply open Athena DICOM Essential, Athena DICOM Expert or Athena Hub, select the patient of interest in the initial menu and then select the option “DICOMIZE” by right-clicking. It is possible to choose between image DICOMization or other file formats. After DICOMization, a new series will be added to the patient, and the file format will be indicated in his name. 

DICOMization can be done in other ways through websites specialized in image conversion. However, the integrity of the image can come into play, sometimes losing quality or other elements. 

DICOMized videos, how to open them in a DICOM Viewer and why are they important?

The process is the same used to convert images to DICOM format, and our DICOM Viewers accept the most popular video extensions, such as MP4, AVI, MOV and the like. The result is the inclusion of the video in the patient’s study list. 

Sometimes, videos are essential to complement a patient’s study history. For cases where there is constant monitoring, and it is necessary to include an ultrasound exam (stored mostly on CD / DVDs) it is possible to keep them all together and stored on a PACS or cloud server, which can be accessed remotely and by several professionals.

The heart of DICOMization is here. Matching your purpose to link all the information of a patient or study in one place, then store it on a PACS or cloud server for remote and instant access, for everyone who has access. 

Our own cloud server solution, MH Cloud is a high-performance cloud very suitable for this type of procedure. Its main functionality is in the sharing of multi-location images so that it is possible to access studies from anywhere, at any time. 

DICOMization is a key part of the good use of DICOM Viewers and a great ally when it comes to productivity and quality. The Athena family adopts this tool with great care in all its solutions! Discover more information about Athena DICOM Expert, Athena DICOM Essential and Athena Hub. And in case of doubt, contact us!