Medical reports anywhere, anytime

Tools for the radiologist to work with comfort and quality of life

The Challenge

Connect Radiologists to Hospitals and Clinics anytime, anywhere.

The Solution

Tools integrated to a high performance cloud accessible to any kind of need.

Meet Our Solutions

MH Cloud

MH Cloud is the cloud for storing images from hospitals and clinics. It allows the radiologists to analyze the images anywhere, anytime.

MH Router

Exclusive Medical Harbour tool for transferring images. It is a router installed between the image acquisition equipment and the internet, optimizing the upload of the images to the cloud.

MH Portal

MH Portal is the web system that receives the images from the cloud and allows the analysis, management and reporting of exams. It works connected to MH Cloud.

Athena DICOM Viewer

A full-featured DICOM Viewer, with integration to PACS servers via WADO, QIDO and various protocols. The best cost-benefit in the market.

Integration and Modularity

Radiologists served

Images flowing daily

Studies per day

In over 10 years dedicated to Teleradiology, I finally believe to have found a team who understands the new requirements and market trends, always with cost-benefit in mind, something so fundamental in our current panorama. Dr. Ronaldo Gouvêa

Regiscan, Rio de Janeiro

A very practical and easy-to-use system, which makes my job considerably faster. Dr. Luciana Emery

Radiologist, Rio de Janeiro

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