Athena DICOM Essential

The DICOM Viewer with the best cost-benefit

Athena DICOM Essential was designed to be more than a simple DICOM viewer. A Fast, intuitive, reliable and easy software to access DICOM imaging from anywhere!

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The most resourceful DICOM imaging viewer

-Athena DICOM Essential is the DICOM Viewer that marks a new generation for medical imaging manipulation and visualization. Progressive, with an intuitive interface and the best cost-benefit in the market, Athena DICOM Essential contributes for the productivity and quality that all professionals of health are looking for.


Productivity and High performance

Fast and reliable, allows access to features with a few clicks and customizable shortcuts both in mouse and keyboard.

Annotation Tools and Report

Annotation tools such as ruler, angles, Hounsfield (POI and ROI) scale and also the possibility of creating customizable Word reports  (*.doc).

Agile and Safe

Transfer from DICOM/WADO with high speed and security all the while using TLS and SSL cryptography.

Clean and Intuitive Interface

With a clear and intuitive interface, installation with a click, automatic and continuous  updates.

Clean and intuitive interface focused on productivity

Athena DICOM Essential

Patients list

Quick and intuitive list of patients, with elements from studies, favorite marks, notifications from new studies and follow-ups of downloads and uploads. Organized like no other DICOM Viewer. 

Athena DICOM Essential

Visualization of multiple series

Visualize multiple series at the same time with the original mode. Synchronize all views with the help of the reference lines and visualize all points at the same time, no matter which manipulation is applied.

Athena DICOM Essential

Magnifying glass for Mammograms

Have all images automatically positioned and see all details of them with the custom  magnifying glass and the 800% zoom.

Athena DICOM Essential


Use the annotation tools for measurements in millimeters, Hounsfield value, areas, perimeters, standard deviation and even to make angles between consecutive or separated lines. 

Athena DICOM Essential

Custom Word Report

Create your own Word templates for reports. It is possible to add your own identity to your practice, hospital or clinic and adjust the layout according to your needs. 

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Check out the Versatility of the DICOM Software with the Best Cost-Benefit
Try for free for 7 days!
Essential tools for a precise report


  • Unlimited patients
  • DICOMization
  • Studies merge
  • Voice command
  • Local Export
  • DICOM Header


  • Up to 2 PACS
  • WADO support
  • Voice command
  • Advanced search 
  • Export to PACS


  • Original
  • Multi-Series
  • Mosaic Mode
  • Key images
  • Multi-frame
  • Reference lines


  • Scroll, Zoom, Windowing and Rotate
  • Annotations
  • Magnifying glass
  • Windowing presets
  • Color palettes 


  • WORD template report
  • Printing layout 
  • Mosaic mode
  • Voice recording 
  • Copy to clipboard
  • ZIP support

Download the Athena DICOM Essential User’s Guide and Quick Guide and get started now!

Is Athena DICOM Essential free?
You can use all Athena DICOM Essential tools for FREE for 7 days, as a testing period. After that, the software will be downgraded to Athena DICOM LITE, a limited version of the platform. To continuing using the complete version of Athena DICOM Essential, go to the Microsoft Store, in this link .
Can I buy Athena DICOM Essential without a credit card?
YES! You  can obtain Athena DICOM Essential by using PayPal. To do it, just reach out through the email: and ask for payment via PayPal.
Which operating system can I use Athena DICOM Essential?
Athena DICOM Essential was specially made to  WINDOWS 10!
Do I have access to DICOM images for educational purposes?
YES! With Athena DICOM Essential you have access to a diversity of studies examples through the MHKB (Medical Harbour Knowledge Base) tool. We have some examples in the Knowledge Base page, available in the main menu or in this link. 
In how many devices can I run Athena DICOM Essential?
With only one licence of Athena DICOM Essential you can use two devices AT THE SAME TIME!


Which kind of images Athena DICOM Essential supports?

Athena DICOM Essential supports all the mains images in the DICOM format, including the modalities: Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, Ultrassonography, X Ray and Mammograms. In case of technical questions about a modality, you can reach out to us through our Contact page or the email:

How can I update Athena DICOM Essential?
Athena DICOM Essential updates are made AUTOMATICALLY and for FREE!
Can I customize my reports in Word files?
Yes! With Athena DICOM Essential you can create your own personalized Word report template. This way is possible to add the identity of your practice, hospital or clinic, and adjust the layout according to your needs.
Can I setup PACS in Athena DICOM Essential?
YES!  Athena DICOM Essential allows the setup and use of 2 PACS.
Does Athena DICOM Essential has API integration for PACS/RIS?
No, Athena integration API is available only in the Corporate version of Athena.