Athena DICOM Expert

Know how to download
Athena DICOM Expert is an exclusive software of Windows Store

Obtain in some few steps directly through the Windows Store

1 - Access the Windows Store

After initializing the session, access the Windows Store, the online store of Microsoft, and search for “Athena DICOM”. Or click here to be automatically redirected to the software page into Windows Store.

2 - Acquire and Install

Access the Athena DICOM Essential page and acquire the software for free by clicking in the  “buy/acquire” button and then click in “Install”

3 - Start Athena DICOM Essential

After the installation is over, go to the start menu and search for Athena DICOM Expert and click on the icon.

Tip: You can fix Athena DICOM Expert in the start menu of windows, to do so click over the icon with the right mouse button and select fixet in start.

4 - Discover

Discover and Enjoy all functionalities of Athena DICOM Expert .