When it comes to DICOM Viewer, it’s common to have doubts such as which one is the most appropriate, as each health area needs different tools, that sometimes are not present in DICOM Viewers. 

Focused on optimizing quality and diagnostic time, all the while making life easier for people,  with a user-friendly and practical interface, our health software Athena DICOM Essential and Athena DICOM Expert are specially designed to unite all the solutions a healthcare professional needs to perform an accurate and fast diagnosis. 

And if you’re wondering which version of Athena DICOM Viewer best fits your daily needs, whether you are a student or a professional, this article will help you decide 🙂 

Athena DICOM Essential – DICOM Viewer with Essential Tools 

Athena DICOM Essential is the most cost-benefit DICOM Viewer on the market and it was designed especially for medical practitioners, researchers, students, or even patients who want to see their own exams.

This version of the software has all the essential tools to perform a practical, fast and clean diagnosis.

Athena DICOM Essential features tools such as Scroll, Zoom, Move, Rotate and windowing, transiting through the interface smoothly through shortcuts, that can be set according to the user needs. Such tools are ideal for imaging modalities such as mammograms, radiographs, and angiographies.   

With a clear, intuitive and responsive interface, the DICOM Viewer allows you to import DICOM imaging by following query/retrieve standards such as C-FIND, C-MOVE and C-GET, as well as USB drives, local folders or cloud servers, making it easier to access images located in different places. 

In addition, the Athena DICOM Essential viewer has a solid package of annotation tools, indispensable for image manipulation. With them, you can display Hounsfield scale measurements with value, rectangle, arrow, ellipse and many other annotations. You can also take angle measurements, which can be consecutive or Cobb angles and even leave notes on images by using the text annotation tool. Any changes you make to an image can be saved and included in an editable header report, or even a fully customizable Word format report. 

Athena DICOM Essential, then, is the perfect choice for those looking for a DICOM Viewer that has basic manipulation tools, annotation tools and that has a complete DICOM report for diagnosis. You can also check out the complete list of tools found in the software and their advantages by clicking here

Athena DICOM Expert – DICOM Viewer Ideal for Experts

If you are looking for software with advanced tools, including 3D reconstruction, intuitive and fast interface, Athena DICOM Expert has everything you need. Designed to be more than just a DICOM Viewer, the software combines productivity with high precision, making it a powerful DICOM imaging manipulation tool. 

Athena DICOM Expert embraces all tools listed in Athena DICOM Essential all the while having unique and intrinsic tools. Within the viewer, you can create 3D DICOM imaging reconstructions in four different modes (Volume, MIP, XRay, and Isosurface), crop them, and manipulate them as needed. 

You can also reconstruct images in multiplanar mode (MPR) so that you can see the image in all your views. In addition, tools such as POI (Point of Interest), MIP, AIP and MinIP (Maximum, Medium and Minimum Intensity Projection) have been specially developed to, for example, improve the detection of pulmonary nodules and evaluate their profusions. Such tools help to identify small nodules and similar cases, making them indispensable for viewing PET scan, MRI and other images. 

In addition, Athena DICOM Expert has a tool that is unusual seen in other DICOM Viewers: spinal marking, also known as Spine Labeling. This is an indispensable annotation tool to aid in vertebra enumeration. With a few clicks, it is possible to demarcate the entire spine and save them without having to mark again.

Athena DICOM Expert also has ANVISA certification, which ensures reliability and quality becoming a software ideal for radiologists, technicians and requesting physicians who handle exams in many different modalities and need advanced tools, custom word reports, integration with PACS and agile software. You can check out the full list of platform tools by clicking here

If you still have questions about which Athena version is best for you, check out the comparative chart of our solutions. Whatever your need, the Athena family has an ideal version for you! Find out more about Athena DICOM Expert and Athena DICOM Essential. And if in doubt, contact us!